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Brown Inflatable Jet Ski Dock Mat
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Inflatable Jet Ski Dock can be install easily, just inflate it by few mins. And can be folded to a small volume, which is portable and take smaller storage place.


Brand: OHO inflatable

Model NO: OHO-IFP-002

Material:1.2mm Double wall fabric(DWF)+0.9mm PVC tarpaulin

Minimum order quantity: 1 pieces

Supply Ability: 1000 piece / Month

Certificate: CE EN14960

Stock Time: 7-15 Days

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Product Detail
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OHO Inflatable Jet Ski Dock is made of high quality DWF (double wall fabric) and 0.9mm thickness (1100g/m2) PVC coated fabric material. The material can be upgrade if you needed.


There will be different type of boat dock mat to meet your need, we provide custom survice for you. No matter how many slots there are, we will customize them according to your actual use requirements. And we offer more than 18 color for you to choose.

Now this inflatable motor boat station is more and more popular for the owners of jet ski with it's light weight, small volume, install easily feature. It will takes about 5-8mins to inflate one with electronic pump.



If you have some problems about Inflatable jet ski dock mat or want to know more details about Air Track,Inflatable Surfboard,Floating Island,Sports DWF,etc. Welcome to contact us!

Looking forward to your inquiry.



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