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Manufactured with 20cm height dropstitch, these inflatable yacht docks provide a rigid ground perfect for a floating base at a favourite swim spot.

Brand name : OHO

Item no : OHO-IFP-006

Place of origin : Guangzhou

MOQ: 10 pieces

Size: Can be custom, popular size is : 4x2x0.2M, 4x2.5x0.2M. 3x3x0.2M.

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Product Information:

The inflatable yacht docks is the tough, stable, light weight and soft underfoot. It inflates within minutes and work beautifully as stand-alone yacht docks or joined together in limitless configurations with our velcro . On the bottom of the idock Pro, there are 4 built-in water bags function as anchors when they fill in water. This design will reduce drifting and increase stability.

The surface of the DWF floating plaform is covered with soft and yacht deck looking EVA foam, comfortable and anti-slip. Now the teak color EVA is the most popular and classic.

Bulk of air jet ski mat we have produced, before shipment, it will be shipped after a series of quality assurance.

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