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Red Inflatable SUP Dock Mat
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This SUP Dock Platform is designed to compliment our inflatable board and create the ideal Fitness Island for an entire SUP Fit Yoga or SUP Fit class.

Brand name : OHO

Item no : OHO-IFP-007

Place of origin : Guangzhou

MOQ: 10 pieces

Size: Can be custom for you paddle board.

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Product Information:

With 8 docking stations, the air dock platform is the ultimate podium for those who want to take their workout to the water. Packed with volume, stability and built to last; it acts as the ideal base for SUP schools, fitness centres, hotels or bigger indoor/outdoor pools. Thanks to the unique design, all 8 boards point towards the platform to help share the connection with your training partners; and are secured via multiple connection eyelets.

About the cusom: OHO can custom the number of station, the EVA color, handle type, and the D- ring. If you have special custom requirements or want to know more about our products, welcome to inquired.

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