PVC Inflatable Water Bike
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Water biking originated in Canada which ia a comfortable, safe sport. Our bikes are lighter, faster and more durable than those available on the market.


Brand: OHO

Model NO: OHO-IWB-001

Material: 0.9mm PVC

Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces

Supply Ability: 3000 piece / Month

Stock Time: 7-15 Days

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PVC Inflatable Water Bike



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Description of inflatable water bike:
Good stability of the two-body airbag , good wind and wave resistance performance, can be stable operation in 2 meters high waves


Gear-box closed structure, all parts are anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment, can operate in seawater and fresh water , not rust and corrosion.


Inflatable water bike application: perfect for use in sea or lake, amusement park, and so on, enjoy the leisure time with your family and friends


- FAQ -


Q: How many color can we chose for the inflatable water bike?
Our regular color is white, army green, blue, light gray, and red, and will have other over 10 color for choice



If you have some problems about PVC Inflatable Water Bike , or want to know more details about Air Track,Inflatable Surfboard,Floating Island,Sports DWF,etc. Welcome to contact us!

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