5’4” Sea Foam Green Cruiser eFoil
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At 5’4”, this board isn’t too large for casual eFoiling, and still offers incredible stability to get anyone up and riding easily.

If you’re new to watersports and want our easiest, most affordable option to foil, the sea foam green efoil Cruiser is for you.


  • Dimensions: 5'4'" x 28" x 88 liters
  • Board Weight: 34.5 lbs. (15.6 kg)
  • Board Weight with Propulsion* and Wings**: 49.0 lbs. (22.2kg)
  • Maximum Rider Weight Supported: 275 lbs. (125 kg)

* Propulsion: 28" Mast with shroud

** Wings: 200 Surf V2 Front Wing, 48 Surf V2 Back Wing


  • The 200 Surf V2 Front Wing offers versatility for your ride style
  • Try the 250 Surf V2 Front Wing is great for an extremely easy, ultra-stable ride that keeps you out of the water and cruising

OHO New Design Customized Electric Surfboard Powered Surf Jet Board E-foil foil Surfboard Water Sports Equipment for Ocean

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