Upgrade Air Track Mat
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2021 years most popular gymnastics mat- air track mat. With easily use, practical, great bounce properties. OHO have upgrade this air track mat for the better use effect, gymnasts can get twice the result with half the effort.


Brand: OHO

Model NO: OHAT-001

Material: Double wall fabric

Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces

Supply Ability: 300 pieces / Day

Stock Time: 7-15 Days

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Upgrade Air Track Mat



- Product Specifications -


Size(L*W*H): Regular size is 3/4/5*1*0.1m or customized
Material: Double wall fabric(DWF).
Color: Mint green, purple, orange, pink, blue, or can be customized.
How to clean up Just water and soap.
Certificate: CE EN14960.
Package: 7 layer carton.
Payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Cash.
Trade Terms: EXW, FOB,CRF, CIF price.
Warranty: 3 years.
MOQ: 10 piece.


- Product Details -



- Comparison with basic -


Compare with the basic air track mat:


- Compare with other supplies -


1: about the valve:2: about the velcro:3: about the middle strip:4: Logo rubber ring:5:Safety warning:6:User mannual:


- Our Air Track Mat Package -


Our carton is use 7 layer carton, protect your goods well. And we use durable PE bag for second protection.


- FAQ -


1: Can you change the color or size?
Yes, we can customized it for every customer.


2: Can you change the strip on the air mat?
Yes, the type of strip can be customized.


3: Can you add my logo on the airtrack mat?
Yes, we can print your logo on product. And you need to send us the file in AI format.



If you have some problems about Upgrade Air Track Mat, or want to know more details about Air Track,Inflatable Surfboard,Floating Island,Sports DWF,etc. Welcome to contact us!

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