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Inflatable Paddle Board
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Summer is the time to enjoy the sunshine and beach. Our inflatable paddle board type is perfect for surfer beginner. With easily carry and use, professional accessories features.


Brand: OHO

Model NO: OHO-IPB-001

Material:double wall fabric, PVC tarpaulin, EVA

Minimum order quantity: 1 pieces

Supply Ability: 10000 piece / Month

Certificate: CE EN14960

Stock Time: 7-15 Days

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Product Detail
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Inflatable Paddle Board



- Product Specifications -


Size: 280x73x20cm, can be customized.
Material: 1.2mm double wall fabric (DWF), PVC tarpaulin, EVA
Accessories: 1 x inflatable paddle board, 1 x aluminum paddle, 1 x center fin, 1 x hand pump, 1 x leash, 1 x backpack, 1 x repair kit.
Customization: Size, color, logo, pattern, printing, all of them can be customized.
Certificate: CE EN14960
Payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Cash
Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CRF, CIF, DDU
Delivery mode: By sea, By air, By express
MOQ: 1 piece


- Produce -


Some air Inflatable paddle board We have produce:


- Feature -


OHO inflatable paddle board care every feature:
1: High strength tension rope, can be loaded with personal items and not easy to fall off. Heat shrinkable pipe technology is adopted at the junction of elastic rope, which is not easy to loosen.
2: Non-slip handle design, easy to lift and carry
3: Slide- in fin, easy to use.
4: Inflation and deflation valve.


- Quality issues -


OHO will take measures to solve the quality concerns of the inflatable paddle board before shipment:
1)Inspection method: random inspection
2)Experienced QC is responsible for sampling inspection,or live broadcast with customers, and the products are designated for random inspection by customers.


- Certificate -


OHO inflatable paddle board certificate:
Our products meets CE EN14960 standards. Let you feel at ease to purchase, quality assurance.



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